When proofreading, I meticulously read through your text. I’ll check for the following:

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • capital letters
  • homophones (to/two/too, there/their/they’re)
  • typos

This type of editing does not include changing words or sentences to improve readability or flow. It is assumed that sentences do not need rewriting and all issues of consistency and clarity have been resolved. Proofreading should be completed after previous editing has been done to your writing.


This is the next level of editing. In addition to proofreading, I read carefully to edit for the following:

  • readability and flow
  • clarity
  • consistency and style
  • sentence structure
  • awkward phrasing
  • correct word usage
  • repetitiveness
  • adherence to style–APA, MLA, or others

With this type of editing, there may be changes to words or sentences. The author’s voice and tone is carefully preserved as well as the overall structure of the text. Paragraphs and sections are not moved around.

Structural/Substantive Editing

I do not offer this type of editing service. This is the highest level of editing and the most intensive. This is also the type of editing which needs to be undertaken before copyediting and proofreading. Your document is evaluated for problems with structure and organization, and other things of that nature. This is not my area of expertise.

Paper Writing

I do not offer this type of service. As a former educator, I am highly against this practice. If you are looking to improve your writing, I can help you through my copyediting service and by providing feedback.